PA 603-CF

PA 603-CF is a carbon fiber filled nylon 12 easy to process, strong light weight filled material.

Its peculiarities are: low specific weight, good dimensional stability while maintaining excellent mechanical properties and excellent resistance to warping at elevated temperatures.

The mixture has been optimized to produce a smooth surface finish without sacrificing feature detail for mechanical properties.

PA 603-CF is an excellent choice for rugged industrial applications with an HDT of ~177°C, high impact sports equipment, high performance racing applications, wind tunnel model testing and applications requiring the highest stiffness and heat resistance.

General Properties Test Method English Metric
Color/Appearance Visual Dark Grey Dark Grey
Bulk Density ASTM D1895 0.237 oz/in3 0.41 g/cm3
Average Particle Size (D50) Laser Diffraction 0.002 inches 50 microns
Particle Size Range (D10-D90) Laser Diffraction 0.001 - 0.004 inches 35 - 100 microns
Sintered Part Density ASTM D792 0.0634 oz/in3 1.10 g/cm3
Mechanical Properties Test Method English Metric
Ultimate Tensile Strenght (XY) ASTM D638 12,328 psi 85 MPa
Tensile Modulus (XY) ASTM D638 1,145,797 psi 7,900 MPa
Flexural Modulus (XY) ASTM D790 1,329,995 psi 9,170 MPa
Elongation at Break (XY) ASTM D638 4% 4%
Izod Impact Strenght - Notched (XY) ASTM D256 1.58 ft-lb/in 84 J/m
Izod Impact Strenght - Unnotched (XY) ASTM D256 3.03 ft-lb/in 161 J/m
Thermal Properties Test Method English Metric
Heat Deflection Temperature ASTM D648 343° F @ 264 psi 173° C @ 1.82 MPa
Heat Deflection Temperature ASTM D648 354 °F @ 66 psi 179° C @ 0.45 MPa