We are expanding our AM production Factory’s machinery and equipment with the new SLM 500: high performance and reliability for metal 3D printing.

Thus, the AM Production Factory must be prepared to anticipate the needs of the industries and to adopt and test the latest technologies; in this way we can ensure quality, reliability and short lead times, even in the case of complex structures or critical applications. These are the reasons why we are installing a new SLM 500; the new machine is going to be showcased at the MECSPE fair in Parma and then installed at our Factory.

SLM 500 Fabbrica Zare

The first SLM 500 with 4x700W lasers in Italy

In the field of additive manufacturing with metal powders, the new SLM 500 is the ideal machine for the production of final functional pieces and parts, in particular when manufacturing critical components.

The SLM 500 features a build envelope of 500 x 280 x 365 mm³ and a patented multi-laser technology with two configurations available: 4x400W or 4x700W. Zare’s AM Production Factory is going to be the first company in Italy to receive and install a SLM 500 with four fiber lasers with a power rating of 700W each; this configuration ensures the highest density and surface and structural quality, also for complex geometries, and it allows to shorten lead times.

Metal 3D printing is once again proving itself as one of the most cutting-edge technologies for industrial production, the spearhead for those industries, like aerospace, that require the highest performance possible.

SLM 500 Fabbrica Zare

Contamination-free powders

In order to make the most of the advantages of additive manufacturing and of the properties of the materials used, metal powders must be handled in the most accurate way. The SLM 500 features a fully automated powder management system that continuously sieves and feeds the material to the build process: this ensures contamination-free powders, but also a safe and healthy work environment.

Overmach will showcase our new SLM 500 at the MECSPE trade fair

Visitors of the MECSPE fair in Parma, March 22-24, will have the opportunity to preview our new SLM 500 at Overmach's stand.

With Overmach we have built a long-standing relationship of cooperation and mutual trust: it all started when Zare was still a company specialized in precision mechanics, and it continued during the development process that made Zare the AM Production Factory. Giacomo Cacciani, our contact person at Overmach, always gives us access to the latest and most innovative additive manufacturing technologies.

Our SLM 500 will be showcased during the MECSPE trade fair and will then be installed at our Factory. We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to meet us at pavilion 6, stand J26, but also to take a look at our SLM 500 at Overmach's stand.