“Additive Manufacturing and non-destructive testing”: the AIPnD conference

On Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd November, the Sales Manager of Zare, Giuseppe Pisciuneri, was in Turin on the occasion of the “Additive Manufacturing and Non-Destructive Testing” conference organized by AIPnD and sponsored by AITA, the Italian Association of Additive Technologies.

Additive Manufacturing and non-destructive testing: the AIPnD conference

AIPnD, Italian Association of Non-Destructive Testing Diagnostic Monitoring, is a scientific, cultural and professional organization that aims to promote scientific, technical and technological development of non-destructive tests. To pursue this goal, AIPnD organizes conferences, training courses and study days; opportunities that allow members to discuss specific issues.

The conference was focused on very interesting topics for our company: the additive manufacturing of metal components and the techniques of non-destructive testing applied to this type of products.

The theme is one of the main areas of research that companies of different sectors consider strategic for their future. For example, in recent months, Zare has adopted a Quality Control and Testing Center. Owning an internal department like this allows to shorten the supply chain and grants to the customers a greater attention to the checks carried out on the components as the controls are designed and based exclusively on the additive production.

Quality Control and Testing Center in Zare

The conference was organized in 30-minute presentations where speakers had the opportunity to explore different points of view about materials research, production processes, plants, applications and techniques on non-destructive testing. In the afternoon of Wednesday 21 November, Giuseppe Pisciuneri, Sales Manager of Zare, proposed a speech entitled “Additive Manufacturing: the construction and control of functional elements for the maximum expression of Motorsport” that tells of a case study that has affected our Factory from 2017 until today.

More than a year ago, Zare took up the challenge launched by Ducati Foundation to create a critical component to be implemented on an electric motorbike designed by the students of the Moto Student Team of Bologna. Since the beginning of this ambitious adventure, our company has supported the students, making available its knowledge and experience in the additive manufacturing of metal components.

The result of this partnership was an innovative swingarm made of Alsi7Mg0.6, a material chosen for balancing ductility-weight, while the plant used for its manufacture is Concept X Line 2000R, currently the largest plant in the world for the production of additive components.

The swingarm designed by the Moto Student Team of Bologna and realized by Zare

This is a revolutionary idea that we proudly presented in Turin, on the occasion of the AIPnD conference. As demonstrated by the researches of the Moto Student Team, it is the first motorcycle prototype to have exploited the AM for the construction of the swingarm. Thanks to the greater freedom of design that the additive guarantees, the component has proven to be light and performing at the same time.

Even if at the current state of the additive manufacturing, it would not be possible to implement a swingarm like this on motorcycles for the mass market, this case study puts in place a precious documentation that could lead to a radical rethinking of the automotive sector, demonstrating the transversal diffusion of additive manufacturing.