At Formnext to talk about Additive Integration

From November 13 to 16 we were in Frankfurt to exhibit at FormNext, a flagship event on the international scene regarding automation and additive manufacturing technologies. The goal of our participation was to talk about Additive Integration.

FormNext 2018

FormNext by TCT is an unmissable annual event and a showcase of great prestige for all operators working in the field of additive manufacturing to learn about the sector's innovations and discuss the future of Additive Manufacturing.

The success of the event, which, compared to the previous edition, boasts a considerable increase in the number of exhibitors and square meters used as display areas, is a fact that reveals the importance that additive production plays in the most varied industrial sectors.

"The AM sector and its leading trade fair FormNext represent a consolidated benchmark for the industry," said Sascha Wenzler, vice president of the fair. During the event we talked about modern industrial production and the solutions introduced by the additive. At the center of a series of conferences were the process chain of additive industrial production, CAD-CAM solutions, post-processing processes and novelties in the field of raw materials.

During the event we felt a keen interest in advanced prototyping, an effervescent sector in which technologies and materials guarantee increasingly competitive results compared to traditional production techniques.

Zare in the country of origin of Additive Manufacturing

Traditionally, Germany occupies a leading position in the field of additive technologies and for this reason, comparing ourselves with the leading experts in the field in the heart of industrial additive manufacturing is a great source of pride for us.

Lo stand di Zare a FormNext 2018

A few years ago, at FormNext, we completed the training of our machine fleet for the FDM department thanks to the purchase of the third Fortus mc900, which qualified us as the first Italian service to have three plants of this size for modeling with melted deposition.

Moreover, it was during FormNext that we saw in action for the first time the HP 3D printers that revolutionized the process systems, introducing a decisive increase in productivity as well as shorter production times and costs.

As announced, the aim of our participation in the 2018 edition was to tell what the concept introduced by our Factory of ADDITIVE INTEGRATION consists of. Thanks to the new 5 Axis GF Mikron MILL P500 U CNC machining centers with robotized island, Zare will be able to guarantee its customers a reduced supply chain, but above all it will be possible to produce components that are the result of a single cognitive and productive process. Thanks to the flexibility of 3D printing and CNC machining, Zare can bring more efficient products to the market. At the fair we have become aware of the fact that from the production point of view, the challenge is still open for engineers and designers and we believe that Additive Integration will represent a central node in the next evolution of Additive Manufacturing.

Il nuovo centro di lavoro 5 Assi GF Mikron MILL P500 U di Zare