Certification prEN 9100: 2016 - quality for the most critical sectors

In May 2018 we obtained the prEN 9100: 2016 certification specifically designed for the aerospace industry. A further step forward in the continuous renewal process of the company with particular attention to critical production environments.

certificato prEN 9100:2016

In May 2018, Zare obtained compliance with the requirements of the prEN 9100: 2016 standard for the "Production of prototypes and details in metal and polyamide alloys with Selective Laser Melting and Additive Manufacturing technologies" The certification is specific for companies operating in the aerospace supply chain, one of the most demanding sectors, and replaces the UNI EN 9100: 2009, already obtained by Zare in 2017.

Being a compliant company means working continuously to improve processes and innovate; it means moving in a functional and efficient way, coordinating departments and resources: each sector of the company takes part in the process to guarantee a perfect quality chain on each component. With the new certification, the standards relating to the efficiency of the production sequence, in our case from the reception of the file and its conservation in safety, up to the delivery of finished parts, remain unchanged.

Each department must operate with a perspective of sharing data and reference metrics in order to ensure total traceability and replicability of the processing. Precisely for this reason we talk about frozen production processes. There is also a particular focus on the quality of work and on the management / training of human resources: only an excellent management of these elements can guarantee an equally excellent production.

The new standard requires specific methodologies to identify and understand the elements that can influence the achievement of the expected results (risks and opportunities) and it places greater attention on the objectives as they are both qualifying factors for improvement and references to measure and evaluate the performance of the company.

In May 2018, Zare also obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification.