5-Axis CNC with Robotized Area

ZARE has included in its machinery fleet the latest generation 5-axis CNC systems which guarantees a high level of surface finish, reduced working times, accuracy and repeatability. The perfect success of the 5-axis CNC processes, besides software and systems, depends on qualified and specialized operators, who are essential to offer the perfect product, even to the most demanding customers.

The Computer Numerical Control machines are machine tools whose movements are controlled by an integrated electronic device. Nowadays, compared to the Eighties’ market entry, CNC machines are used in different mechanical fields, thanks to their extreme versatility and precision.

Compared to the manually operated systems, 5-axis CNC machines guarantee reduced working times and an accurate repeatability, with a strong improvement in terms of surface’s uniformity and quality, in comparison with what we can achieve with the traditional processing methods.

These advantages are amplified in front of big complex curved surfaces (hydraulic or compressors’ impellers, turbine blades, hydrodynamic exhausts): in these cases, the benefits given by the CNC machines are incomparable.

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5-Axis Machining Centres

The 5-axis machining centre is unique because of the number of degrees of freedom it allows thanks to the number of axis. ZARE is equipped with 5-axis CNC machines which guarantee not only movements on axis X, Y and Z, but also the inclination and, if needed, the rotation of the spindle, or of a trunnion table, integral to the machine table. There’s no limit to the shapes you can obtain with these systems, and they are suitable to precision machining on big dimensions.

Currently, the 5-axis milling machines represent the CNC Mills’ top step. Generally, it has two different processing types: full 5 axis or 3+2.

Even though the second mode is easier to program, a full 5 axis process, such as the one offered by ZARE systems, guarantees a better surface finish, increased tool life, and permits the instruments to get to hard-to-reach areas.

The machine tools only perform the tasks given by the operator, who must prepare the workpieces and intervene in case of disruptions.

CNC 5 Assi

Numerical Control Machining Centres: The Human Factor

The human factor remains the discriminating factor for the product’s perfect success with a numerical control machining centre. Although the presence of software and latest generation systems is fundamental, each and every machine in a precision mechanical workshop requires specific competences to guarantee the perfect set-up.

ZARE’s CNC operators are able to set the mechanical processing to obtain the best results in terms of quality, productivity and cost-effectiveness. The software is less important.

The operator’s competence and the daily efficiency are what makes the difference in ensuring the best result possible from the components processed with the 5-axis CNC machines.