INDUSTRY 4.0: The conference on manufacturing opportunities

We have accepted the invitation to participate as speakers at The Next Factory in Milano, which has led us to deal directly with the protagonists of the new industrial revolution.

Zare relatore al convegno The Next Factory di Milano

There is a very strong attention from the actors of the Italian manufacturing industry on the theme of 4.0 industry. Strong interest often leads to a strong need for clarity. The conference organized last June 8 by the magazine The Next Factory of the DBInformation group and by Cherry Consulting has caught absolutely the mark allowing a constructive comparison between the protagonists of the digital revolution triggered by the 4.0 industry.

Giuseppe Pisciuneri, our sales manager, was invited to provide the Zare point of view on the topic of Quality and Controls in Productions in Additive Manufacturing. Pisciuneri presented an intervention with highly technological content, going to touch the critical aspects of the additive sector: disruptive, certainly game changer of industrial design but, due to maturity issues, still perfectible in industrialization.

Thanks to the organizers for the opportunity that has been offered to us, thanks to the sponsors for having supported and made possible the initiative and thanks to the other speakers who have allowed us to increase the clarity of such a vast and complex topic.