A new Fortus 900mc at Euromold 2014 and new materials for rapid prototyping

Inside Euromold in Frankfurt we bought the third Fortus 900mc and STRATASYS gave us a pleasant and prestigious treatment! At the same time we have expanded the range of materials and can now offer ASA and ULTEM® 1010.

Euromold 2014 and the third Fortus 900mc

Euromold is the most important exhibition on rapid prototyping: in the halls there are all the most important manufacturers of machines and you can discover all the innovations. We also went to Frankfurt; to update us but, above all, for a purchase. During the fair, at the Stratasys pavilion we decided to buy the third FDM Fortus 900mc. For machines of this size, the ritual at the fair is known. On the second floor of the stand, well visible from all areas of the fair, we played the bell with the CEO Stratasys, photos and cheers.

We are now the service in Italy with three Fortus 900mc ready for production and ready to serve all our demanding customers. We can now tackle higher volumes and dispose of orders faster, as well as being able to use ULTEM 1010 and ASA materials. The choice of Frankfurt was not a case. For next year, many important new challenges await us.

ASA AND ULTEM® 1010, two new materials with exceptional performances

Together with the new Fortus 900mc, two new materials also arrive to enrich the possibilities offered to our customers: ASA and ULTEM® 1010.
The first is a new type of ABS with similar mechanical characteristics.
Two are the most differentiating factors:

  • A strong resistance to UV rays and, therefore, ASA is particularly suitable for models that can be applied outdoors or that have to resist more to aging and to the natural wear caused by time;
  • A high-quality matte finish that allows the construction of prototypes that directly target the end consumer as sporting goods or elements for cars.

ULTEM® 1010 is a type of ULTEM much more resistant to temperatures than ULTEM 9085 and can maintain its characteristics up to 216 ° C. High performance resin also offers excellent mechanical strength and thermal stability making it ideal for aerospace applications and the automotive sector.
Certified for food and biocompatible use, it is perfect for the production of food tools and for the creation of customized medical devices.