Experimenting with today’s technologies to build tomorrow’s automobile

Additive manufacturing or rather the industrial version of 3D printing is changing the way engineers and designers now develop and test their automobiles. Today, it is much quicker, easier and cheaper to create component prototypes. You can see the results everyday on the roads .

Reparto Zare Additive Manufacturing SLS - Windoform

From Motorsport to moulds: the automobile is a typical Italian passion

We are already suppliers for top motor sports competitors, so we are able to offer our purpose-built additive manufacturing facilities: We have 15 systems, most of which are rather large, that can be used to create monolithic components having the same performances and the same features as the finished part.

At our factory, we avail of all the major additive manufacturing technologies, hence we can guarantee that the idea of the designers or the engineers comes out exactly as they imagined it.

  • Short process cycles
  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • In-depth knowledge of technologies and materials

We are the ideal technological partner for industrial additive manufacturing, supported by businesses and people who will revolutionise man’s mobility in the very near future.

Reparto Zare verniciatura automotive

Customised end-use parts and designer-like aesthetic finishes

The automotive sector is quite complex: it combines the notion of modern shapes for the changing and constantly stimulated tastes of the society with the production of absolutely durable parts.
This is something quite different to merely “printing off” a file.

Day-in-day-out, our experts, who are trained and kept abreast of the individual additive manufacturing technologies, work on a variety of projects, engaging the systems to obtain results that match the expectations and the needs of industrial groups who consider us as a reliable partner.
Day-in-day-out, we confer with plant producers, who realise that we have a versatile “factory” capable of working on a wide array of different projects: the perfect feedback to build what will become the “machine tools of the Industry 4.0 factory” together.
Day-in-day-out, we simplify the work of designers and engineers, promising them that their projects will not be impoverished by imprecise machine settings or by mistakes in choosing unsuitable materials.

The future of mobility comes from the innovations that we can add to a production process ready to make original, aesthetically impeccable and lasting components. 3D printing will continue to have an ever important role in all of this: :

  • Innovative structures
  • Short times to market
  • Economic tests.

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