FastForward: an opportunity to look at the future of the industry with 3D printing

On Wednesday 17 October we will be guests at the Modena racetrack to report on the theme of digital innovation at FastForward “New and [old] trades in the digital age”, an initiative promoted by CDO Emilia Romagna.

WorkER 2018 – Fast Forward “New and [old] trades in the digital age

CDO (Company of the Works) is an association that brings together about 350 entrepreneurs from Modena, Reggio Emilia, Parma and Piacenza in order to share their entrepreneurial commitment and to confront the needs and innovations of the industry.

Among the initiatives promoted this year by the organization, we report WorER 2018 – FastForward “New and [old] trades in the digital age”, an event in which representatives of various companies and sectors will talk to the public about the innovations introduced by the digital revolution.

Digital transformation is a fact that involves our daily lives as consumers, while FastForward aims to investigate how this change has already influenced and can change the world of work in the future.

Digital transformation is no longer a choice but an imperative to which every company is called to adapt and make its own to remain competitive in a world that is moving faster and faster. This is a profound transformation that involves organizations, processes, information flows and business models and must be tackled through solid strategies.

As far as we are concerned, it could not be otherwise: operating in a lively and innovative sector such as that of additive manufacturing, the change and the mix between old and new ways of understanding the company and work are part of our daily reality. Being constantly updated on the innovations of manufacturers and competitors is part of our work as Additive Manufacturing Production Factory, called a constant update to be spent on multiple fronts.

On Wednesday 17 October, at the Modena racetrack, participants will attend some sessions dedicated to the theme of digital innovation, in particular our General Manager, Andrea Pasquali, will be included in a comparison entitled "A new way of producing. Manufacturing 4.0: additive printing ".

Andrea Pasquali, General Manager

The 3D printing was born, now several years ago, as a tool to support hobbyists and craftsmen who wanted to make small objects. At the same time this technique was particularly used for the creation of prototypes since, compared to traditional printing techniques, it guaranteed significant advantages such as reduction of printing times and production costs.
Today it is not only this and, as Andrea Pasquali will illustrate, a company like Zare owes more than 70% of its turnover to the production of definitive elements. 3D printing thus evolves into the Additive Manufacturing which opens up a range of new solutions linked not only to production but above all to design and engineering possibilities.

To participate in the meeting and be updated on the direction in which the industry is moving thanks to the digital revolution, click this link.