Hermle C 42 U: a new 5-axis CNC center for our precision machining department

Zare’s mechanical machining department, which includes three 5-axis GF Mikron MILL P500 UD and one Mikron MILL P800 UD CNC machining centers, can now also take advantage of the new Hermle C 42 U.

Hermle C 42 U

Designed for applications in aerospace, motorsport and automotive sectors, the Hermle C 42 U CNC center is ideal for continuous 5-axis machining on projects requiring maximum precision and tight tolerances. Also, it can be used for large complex components as it can process workpieces up to 1400 kg in weight.

State of the art equipment such as Hermle C 42 U is a necessary tool for highly critical processes and, combined with Additive Manufacturing technologies, it guarantees high quality and short lead times even for products with complex geometries. This is a further step in the direction of Additive Integration, an approach in which, from the very beginning, each stage of the production is designed and performed according to the previous and subsequent ones, in a short chain that guarantees reliability and repeatability.

Hermle C 42 U

This is backed up by the work of specialized personnel who combines a profound knowledge of the machinery with perfect mastery of the production strategies and of the characteristics of the materials.