HP Multi Jet Fusion technology available at Zare’s AM Production Factory

HP Multi Jet Fusion technology brings a decisive increase in productivity to the additive manufacturing sector. A reduction in production time means an increase in the complexity of the processes. More activity in less time. The standardization of operating sequences aimed at ensuring perfect replication required a few weeks of continuous testing and monitoring. Now, our plant is perfectly ready for a monitored manufacturing process using the innovative HP Fusion 3D Printer.

The first italian company with ISO 9100 certification to define stringent processes for HP Multijet Fusion technology

The HP 3D division has introduced a remarkable innovation in the additive manufacturing sector by introducing technology with unprecedented results. The Fusion 3D Printer raises the production speed of the additive components, thanks to state-of-the-art technological solutions.

The American company presented its HP 3D Printer at Formnext, in Frankfurt, last fallin the fall of 2016. Those present will remember the event organized within the multimedia arena just a few feet away from our stand.
We purchased the system as soon as it was available to the Italian market and immediately placed it under constant functional stress, so that we were able to make the technology available to clients precisely at the moment when we were sure we could guarantee optimal results.

We are bound by strict UNI ENI 9100:2009 certification directives , making it indispensable to define specific procedures when new technologies are be adopted in the plant. Being certain of a result and of replicability has been the outcome of a task that specifies:

  • Setting the Process
  • Monitoring the Process
  • Refining the process

until reaching an outcome that is in line with the needs of the certifying body.

3D productions adds many elements that are not available for those who only "print" in 3D

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Pezzi realizzati con la HP MUtijet Fusion

Small production processes in series: Hp Multijet Fusion at the nth degree

Following in-house testing - and the first supplies to clients - Jet Fusion results as being a perfect manufacturing system used for small production process in series. The high execution rate of the production jobs allows small additive series of functional elements to be manufactured in a very short time, as an advantage of areas of application - such as transmission elements and production aids - in which a low criticality allows to obtain the most out of reduced printing times.

In highly complex situations and sectors, production time is spread out through the processes, which provide for numerous tests and controls, both before and after the end of the cooling phase of the components manufactured. In this case, the production time becomes only ONE of the elements of a vaster chain of expertise.

The PA 12 material developed by the company for its HP Multijet enables to manufacture both elements for prototypes, as well as functional elements. The scope of application can, therefore, be very broad. Designers can use a technology that replaces injection molding tools - gaining in efficiency and rapid delivery times - on batches containing a fairly large number of pieces.

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Lavorazione HP Multi Jet Fusion

Skills that make Hp Multi Jet Fusion a production tool

HP’s Fusion 3D Printer works with an innovative system that alternates the depositing of material with the jet of a reagent, which permits solidification of the product layer. At first glance, the operating principle seems rather similar to a common inkjet printer. The same operating interface on the machine may seem familiar to those already with a knowledge of other US brand products.

The tests we conducted took advantage of the experience that Zare’s Additive Team has consolidated over the years exclusively, using other industrial 3D printing technologies, such as selective laser sintering, with high-performance materials forCRITICAL end-use functional elements.

The Hp 3D Printer certainly has a friendly interface. “Perfect operation when manufacturing has started”, and the orientation of a job that efficiently produces production and radically decreases dissimilarities during testing, remains a specialistic capacity.
If the need is that of a SPECIFIC RESULT, experience and the everyday dedication to additive manufacturing play a role that is not of secondary importance.

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