A life of racing - Interview with Gabriele Torelli, the Zare pilot

During the workshop on July 19th dedicated to HP Jet Fusion, we received the visit of the pilot Gabriele Torelli who is currently competing in the Italian Mini Challenge championship reserved for Mini Cooper. We took the opportunity to talk with the # 44 driver of his passion for the four wheels, the experience in Mini Challenge and how the relationship with Zare, the Additive Manufacturing Production Factory, was born.

Gabriele Torelli visita Zare in occasione del workshop dedicato ad HP Jet Fusion

Let's start from the origins of your relationship with speed, how does your love for the four wheels come about?

I'm coming from a family of pilots. My grandfather competed in uphill and track racing while my father, Alessandro, competed in rallies up to ten years ago and today he follows me at every track appointment. I tried karting for the first time at the age of 8, it took me five laps to appreciate it but there was no interest for me to continue. For a long time I limited myself to admire the motor racing as a mere spectator, then one day something happened on a rented kart and, from then on, it can be said that I no longer got out of the car!

Since 2014 you have achieved only successes: Italian champion in the Green Hybrid Cup of BRC KIA in 2014, Italian vice-champion in the Seat Ibiza Cup (2015), Italian champion in the Seat Ibiza Cup (2016) and last year you graduated champion in the Seat Leon Cupra Cup Italy. The question arises: are there any championships that you would like to try again?

The years pass but the desire to win and to try new emotions on the competition field remains. The dream is the Italian Grand Touring Championship (GT) in which the cars of the most prestigious brands take part. Another goal that I set myself is the participation in the Porsche SuperCup World Championship, the only championship that runs on the Formula 1 weekends.

Let's return to your experience in the Mini Challenge, what has been the most exciting race so far?

I consider Race 2 of Misano, disputed on June 17th, one of the most beautiful of my life. When I arrived at Misano, I was chip leader but it was a very difficult weekend. In race 1 I was forced to retire due to a brake problem. At the second round on the track I started eighteenth and I finished second. It was an exciting race, full of contacts with the other drivers, but always within the limits of the regulation. If all races were so, the racetracks would be full of spectators.

After half the championship you find yourself chasing after the veteran Sandrucci, what do you expect from the appointments of Vallelunga (September 8-9) and Monza (6-7 October)?

I expect luck to turn. I have collected two zeros that are very heavy in the championship. In both races where I retired, Sandrucci won, exceeding a lot in the rank. Vallelunga and Monza will be two events where "use your head". In any case if there are opportunities to attack I will not pull back: the last two comebacks show that I do not give up easily. And so I will do. I want to bring home a good result at the end of the year.

Today you are here at the event dedicated to HP Jet Fusion, you want to tell us how was born your relationship with Zare?

I must admit that it all started out of pure chance. It was the summer of 2016 and my father was in Zare for work reasons. That year I was competing in the Ibiza Cup championship, I was in the lead and in a few months I would have won. Speaking with Sauro (en: Zanichelli, CEO of Zare), the speech cars and races emerged. A chat was enough to start this relationship, today I owe a lot to Sauro and Andrea (en: Pasquali, General Manager of Zare). Emilia Romagna is the land of engines, the Motor Valley, and I am proud to be supported by a local company: racing is not just speed and adrenaline, at the base of everything there is research, technologyand engineering . This is why I am proud to be part of the innovative project of a company like yours that looks towards the future with its products and always aspires to the top.