The Italian AM sector looks far ahead

There are times when everything happens quickly, when significant events follow one another, sometimes by chance, to lay the foundation for a revolution.

In all likelihood, additive manufacturing has been, and continues to be, the most innovative and disruptive industrial event of the last 20 years.
A technological revolution with such a great impact always provides a window of opportunity with high competitiveness, where the speed of execution plays a fundamental role in effectively positioning a company in the minds of customers.


During a revolution the point of references are few and confused and one tries to refer to known models, but oftentimes a revolution is a moment in which a clear vision of the final objective, and the courage to quickly experiment with innovative models, will determine who has seized the opportunity and turned technological innovation into an asset for the customer and, therefore, for the market.

When a revolution begins, you need to go fast. If you want to go fast, go alone.

The revolution introduced by additive manufacturing is far from over.
The technology keeps innovating and most manufacturers are now devoting their efforts to certifying and guaranteeing reliability and repeatability.

This is a strong signal that indicates a clear direction: pure experimentation is now working side by side with models that can offer the guarantees and the process rigidity typical of complex industrial productions.

Now that the revolution has matured, we need to go far. If you want to go far, go together.


Going together is not as easy as going alone: it’s necessary to hand on the torch to and fro, depending on the phase of the project; it’s necessary to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each element so as to be able to leverage the former and reduce the latter to a minimum.

This is what teams do: they look each other in the eye, organize, compete to win as many matches as possible and, with a bit of luck, make their mark.

On the afternoon of Tuesday 4 August 2020, three companies decided to join forces and form a team to create the most reliable and advanced international additive manufacturing partner.

BEAMIT, ZARE and PRES-X, for those working in the sector, certainly need no introduction.
They are united by the desire to excel on the global market and guided by the awareness that the journey will be long, complex and therefore fascinating and challenging.


The companies are united by a clear and long-term vision and led by an undoubtedly talented president and a management board, aligned on shared principles, that will lead a team of more than 100 employees with operations across 5 production plants and 4 commercial offices in France, Germany, United Kingdom and Japan.

The background of the agreement is a land, Emilia, where talent never lacks and where the passion for technology and mechanics is part of the DNA; a land of people who never stop, never get tired and who like a job well done that turns out to be useful for everyone.

All the ingredients are ready and the recipe is clear.
The Italian additive manufacturing sector is ready to make its mark.