ITS MAKER students visit Zare, the Additive Manufacturing Production Factory

At the beginning of June, the students of ITS MAKER had the opportunity to visit our plant and touch some of the most innovative products created through the additive manufacturing techniques.

Gli studenti di ITS maker visitano Zare

ITS MAKER is the Emilia Romagna's Higher Institute of Mechanics, Mechatronics, Motoristics and Packaging which realizes two-year post-diploma courses aimed at recruiting youngsters in the best companies in these sectors of our Region. Unlike the university, the courses offered by ITS MAKER are characterized by a more practical and laboratory approach, also thanks to the collaboration with teachers who are experts in the field and trained in company contexts.

In particular, the students who on June 7th had the opportunity to visit our factory attend the course of Higher Technician in mechanical design and materials based in Modena. The figures destined to leave this course will be inserted in companies dedicated to design and research and development, occupying positions of responsibility in technical offices or in the production process and production planning.

Accompanied by engineer Giovanni Busani, lecturer of the course, the students were led by Giuseppe Pisciuneri, Sales Manager of Zare, to discover the machinery and materials that made our factory a point of reference in the sector of additive manufacturing.

The students understood some of the cornerstones of our philosophy, such as the importance of the short supply chain that allows us to get in close contact with the customer and the extreme care in the confidentiality of the data. For all this to be possible, as the ITS MAKER youngsters have seen, the additive manufacturing technologies are integrated with the mechanical processing as the mechanical recovery becomes an indispensable activity to combine the advantages of the additive production with the perfect exactness required from critical applications. There are many activities that are carried out within our finishing department: heat treatments, polishing, satin finishing, protective coatings ... so that the final product can leave the factory with the technical and aesthetic characteristics required by the designer.

At the end of the visit, the students were able to personally verify what was claimed by Giuseppe Pisciuneri, touching some of the manufactured items for the most demanding sectors such as motorsport, verifying the lightness and functionality that only some of the most performing materials such as titanium alloy and the range of Windform® products can guarantee.

Zare has been demonstrating for years its commitment to a constant dialogue with technical institutes and universities in order to involve young people and make them participate in innovations and research in the additive manufacturing sector and can only praise students of ITS Maker for their enthusiasm and curiosity.