The Mikron MILL P800 U D machining center is part of the CNC Machining department

After the arrival of the two GF plants Mikron MILL P500 U, Zare has recently enriched its fleet of machines by purchasing the Mikron MILL P800 U D machining center, a further step towards the affirmation of the concept of Additive Integration.

Lavorazioni Meccaniche su stampa 3d metalli

The Mikron MILL P800 U D is a 5-axis machine designed for high performance machining applications and guarantees maximum precision and speed. The plant is ideal for machining components for the aeronautics and power generation sectors thanks to its stability in the processing of ductile materials including titanium.

By deciding to include 5-axis machining centers in its fleet of machines, Zare made a clear choice in the direction of Additive Integration. The goal is to demonstrate the possibility of combining 3D printing and CNC machines.

The aim of this ambitious project is to offer customers an even smaller production chain, but above all to benefit from the production of elements that are the result of a single cognitive and productive process.

Additive and subtractive are not in competition but represent two highly compatible and complementary production visions that, together, can contribute to satisfy the demand for light components and products with complex geometries.