Mass production, the maximum expression of professional 3D printers

The purchase of a fourth Concept Laser M2 cusing Multilaser certainly marks a step in a direction that we know well: 3D metal printing for functional and industrial purposes. There are critical issues in the commissioning of these systems that go beyond the complexity of use: they sink into the company structure necessary to squeeze the most of the machine tools of the new industrial revolution.

La fabbrica della produzione additiva - Zare

When to choose a service with professional 3D printers

A service that allows you to add your project as an additive can be considered a part of the supply chain tending to the superfluous when the company or project size can guarantee a cash flow useful for the purchase of the plant. There are use cases in which, however, using a service can bring a lot of added value.


  • When the piece is functional;
  • When couplings and tollerances aretrong>critical;
  • When time is a determining factor;
  • When thematerials are not always identical.

Our production has 18 industrial-grade additive manufacturing plants, half of which are dedicated to the production of final functional metal components. Working with metal means having to be certain of being able to deliver perfect elements for tolerances and couplings even after mechanical recovery.

La fabbrica della produzione additiva - Zare
A large number of plants is essential not only to dispose of more orders: it is strongly linked to quality.

Several of our facilities are mono-material. This obviously makes it possible to be more productive but, more importantly, to reduce dust pollution to a minimum and to be able to manufacture elements of the same order, even if of different materials.

An industrial quality service

The concept of quality is often linked to a generic formula that can be summarized in "a piece done well".
Quality, for a company certified UNI EN 9100: 2016 for the aeronautical sector is something different.

Each department must work with a view to sharing data and reference metrics in order to ensure a total replicability of the processing for 20 years.

We make mistakes, every company makes mistakes. Quality means having procedures to resolve the anomaly without relying on the case, guaranteeing delivery times and compliance with the quotas, even in the case of production problems. The result is a "piece done very well", always.

Industrial 3d printers? They are the most advanced machine tools on the market

Industrial 3D printers, even more than professional 3D printers, are the most advanced machine tools proposed today by the market. A machine tool is an aid to production, even industrial, conceptually far from a smoky possibility in the future or from a low-cost tool to carry out experiments. A machine tool requires specialized personnel, requires training time and process refinement times; all this within a new and effervescent sector like that of additive manufacturing. If you need an immediate and reliable result, you need a factory.

Impianto stampa 3d metalli - Xline 2000R Zare

The Additive Manufacturing Production Factory

Zare is a factory, we are the Additive Manufacturing Production Factory. We are organized and structured in departments, we follow codified procedures and constantly refined by the manager to quality. We are subject to constant audits by both the certification body and, more importantly, by the production managers of some notoriously demanding customers who are attentive to manufacturing methods.
If you need to get a piece that is definitely the maximum expression of what can be achieved with 3D printing technologies.

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