Accura® 25

Accura® 25

Accura® 25 is an accurate and flexible material that simulates the properties and appearance of polypropylene.
The pieces produced with this material are very similar to those injection molded and have an excellent balance between duration and flexibility.

  • High production speed
  • Reliable and robust functional prototypes
  • Suitable as master in silicone mold-making processes.

Both functional components and mock-ups can be made. Ideal for style elements for cars, electronic components, snap components.

Post-Cured Material Condition Metric U.S.
Tensile Strength (MPa/PSI) ASTM D638 55-58 5540-5570
Tensile Modulus (MPa/KSI) ASTM D638 1590-1660 230-240
Elongation at Break (%) ASTM D638 13-20 13-20
Flexural Strength (MPa/PSI) ASTM D790 55-58 7960-8410
Flexural Modulus(MPa/KSI) ASTM D790 1380-1660 200-240
Impact Strength (J/m /Ft-lbs/in) ASTM D256 19-24 0.4
Heat Deflection Temperature (°C/°F) ASTM D648
@ 66 PSI
@ 264 PSI
Coeffcient of Thermal Expansion
(μ mm/m °C / μin/in °F)
ASTM E831-93
TMA (T < Tg, 0-20 °C)
TMA (T < Tg, 75-140 °C)
107 x 10-6
151 x 10-6
Glass Transition - Tg (°C/°F) DMA, E” 72-74 162-165
Shore D   80 80
Liquid Material Condition Value Available Colors
Viscosity @30°C (86°F) 250 cps
Penetration Depth (Dp)   4.2 mils
Critical Exposure (Ec)   10.5 mJ/cm2
Solid Density @25°C / (77°F) 1.19 g/cm3 at 25°C
Liquid Density @25°C (77°F) 1.13 g/cm3 at 25°C

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