The low alloy BÖHLER E185 steel is designed for components to be used in particularly demanding sectors such as motorsport, automotive, earthmoving machinery and precision mechanics. The low carbon content facilitates moulding and can be used for both final elements and prototypes.

Thanks to its chemical composition, it is also the first steel specifically designed for the production of 3D printing components that undergo classic thermochemical treatments, such as case hardening, nitriding and carbonitriding.

BÖHLER E185 is therefore the ideal material for the production, by means of 3D printing with metals, of components for transmission parts such as gears, pinions, pins, crowns, shafts, synchronisers and bevel gears.

Mechanical Properties Test Method As Built Heat Treated*
Yield Modulus EN ISO 6892-1 180-190 GPa 180-190 GPa
Yield Strength EN ISO 6892-1 900-1050 MPa 1080-1200 MPa
Tensile strength EN ISO 6892-1 900-1150 MPa 1300-1400 MPa
Elongation at Break EN ISO 6892-1 9-15% 7-13%
Charpy V-notch test EN ISO 148-1 120-150 J 70-90 J
Hardness EN ISO 6508-1 35-42 HRC 40-50 HRC
* depending on HT parameters
Chemical Composition and Case Hardness    
Chemical composition C
< 0,19 %
0,22 %
0,3 %
0,95 %
1,25 %
0,2 %
Case Hardness Surface Hardness 720-770 HV30
  Case Hardening Depth 0.8 - 0.9 mm