Hot Work Tool Steel BÖHLER W360 has all the characteristics necessary for the production of components used for hot work such as: high thermal conductivity, good wear resistance and compressive strength, possibility of being heat treated in vacuum, hardness between 42 - 60 HRC and good weldability, a particularly useful feature in case of restoration and regeneration of existing products.

Compared with the classic H11/H13/1.2367 hot work steels, the BÖHLER W360 has decidedly superior performance, making it particularly suitable for the production of moulds and inserts for the following applications: gravity casting and die casting, open and closed die forging, hot forming (direct and indirect), blanking, blowing and moulding of glass, stamping and blanking.

Finally, thanks to its properties, BÖHLER W360 steel can be used for the manufacture of nozzles, extractors and inserts in the moulding of filled (up to 60% vol of fibreglass) and unloaded polymers and high-tech polymers.

Mechanical Properties Test Method As Built Heat Treated
Yield Modulus EN ISO 6892-1 - 185-195 GPa*
Yield Strength EN ISO 6892-1 - 1450-1650 MPa*
Tensile strength EN ISO 6892-1 - 1895-1950 MPa
Elongation at Break EN ISO 6892-1 - 5-8%
Charpy V-notch test EN ISO 148-1 - 8 - 14 J
Hardness DIN EN ISO 6508-1 - 51-59 HRC
* depending on HT parameters
Chemical Composition and Physical Properties    
Chemical composition C
< 0,5 %
0,2 %
0,25 %
4,5 %
3,0 %
0,55 %
Physical Properties Density 7,85 g/cm3