Bronze 3D printed part

The Bronze alloy is a material whose melting properties make it outstandingly suited to generative processing. It's the material of choice for the fabrication of original or master models in the fields of jewellery and artistically crafted sculptures. The material is very easy to polish and has a higher hardness than silver alloy.

Mechanical Properties Test Method As Built
Tensile strength UNI EN 10002 Approx. 400 ± 20 MPa
Yield Strength (Rp 0.2%) UNI EN 10002 Approx. 500 ± 20 MPa
Elongation at Break UNI EN 10002 Approx. 5 ± 2%
Young’s modulus - Approx. 120 GPa
Hardness HV 0.2 UNI EN 10002 171 ± 7 HBW
Thermal Properties Test Method As Built
Thermal conductivity ASTM E1461-13 59 W/m°C
Specific heat capacity ASTM E1461-13 370 J/kg°C
Chemical Composition and Physical Properties    
Chemical composition Cu
Physical Properties Relative density Approx. 99,85 %
  Density 8,80 g/cm3