PA 12 FDA convinces with its quality and is certified for HP Jet Fusion 3D printers. Due to its mechanical properties and chemical resistance, as well as the high melting point of finished products, the powder is particularly suitable for use in powder-based 3D printing processes.

PA 12 FDA is a modified polyamide-based powder that is produced in Germany using a special process; it is listed with respect to its monomers / additives in the Regulation [EU] No 10/2011 and its amendments and it complies with the food contact regulation in the USA FDA, 21 CFR, §177.1500 (a) (9) (Nylon 12 resins).

General properties Test Method Value
Bulk density ISO 1183 460 g/cm3
Particle size, d10 ISO 8130/13 25 μm
Particle size, d50 ISO 8130/13 57 μm
Particle size, d90 ISO 8130/13 83 μm
Relative solution viscosity (m-Kresol, acid measured) ISO 307 1,59
DSC Melting point 1st heating, 20 K/min ISO 11357 187° C
Mechanical Properties Test Method Value
Tensile Strength (Max Load XY) ASTM D638 48/6960 MPa/psi
Tensile Strength (Max Load Z) ASTM D638 48/6960 MPa/psi
Tensile Modulus (XY) ASTM D638 1700/245 MPa/ksi
Tensile Modulus (Z) ASTM D638 1800/260 MPa/ksi
Elongation at Break (XY) ASTM D638 20
Elongation at Break (Z) ASTM D638 15%