remanium® star CL

remanium® star CL is a CoCrW alloy for the production of metallic restaurations by means of the metal laser melting process. remanium® star CL is approved for use on laser melting machines from the company Concept Laser GmbH.

remanium® star CL is particularly suitable for crowns and bridges, frames for metal ceramic veneering, cast partials, primary – and secondary parts for combined restorations.

Mechanical Properties Test Method As Built Heat Treated
Tensile strength ISO 6892-1:2009(B) Annex D 1170 ± 20 MPa 1030 MPa
Yield Strength (Rp 0.2%) ISO 6892-1:2009(B) Annex D 840 ± 20 MPa 635 MPa
Elongation at Break ISO 6892-1:2009(B) Annex D 12 ± 2% 10%
Young’s modulus - 230 GPa 230 GPa
Melting range - 1320 - 1420°C 1320 - 1420°C
Thermal Properties Test Method As Built Heat Treated
Coefficient of thermal expansion TEC (25-500°C) ASTM E1461-13 14,1 x 10-6K-1 -
Other Properties  
Metal- ceramic bond strength acc. to EN ISO 9693, 3-Pt.- bending test (min. 25 MPa acc. to EN ISO 9693) 40 MPa (Carmen CCS, Dentaurum)
MBiocompatibility, L 929-Proliferation acc. to EN ISO 10993-5, -12, ISO 9363-1, LM SOP 4-06-01 No deliberation of cell toxic active substances
Corrosion resistance, static immersion test acc. to EN ISO 10271 (max. 200 µg/cm2 x 7d acc. to EN ISO 22674) Ion release 3,5 µg/cm2 x 7d
Chemical Composition and Physical Properties    
Chemical composition Co
Mn, N, Nb, Fe
Free from nickel, beryllium and gallium
<1 %
Physical Properties Relative density Approx. 99,99 %
  Density 8,60 g/cm3
Heat Treatment Temperature Time (h) Atmosphere
Stress Relief RT - 1150°C 3 Argon
  1150°C 1 Argon
  1150°C - RT - Argon