Stainless Steel AISI 316L

Metal 3D Printing with Stainless Steel AISI 316L

StainlessSteel AISI316L is a corrosion resistant iron based alloy. The parts built from StainlessSteel 316L have chemical composition corresponding to ASTM F138 "Standard Specification for Wrought 18Cr-14Ni-2.5Mo Stainless Steel Bar and Wire for Surgical Implants (UNS S31673)". This kind of stainless steel is characterized having a good corrosion resistance and evidence that there are no leachable substances in cytotoxic concentrations. This material is ideal in: - Lifestyle/Consumer (watches, other jewellery, spectacle frames, decorations, functional elements in electronic housing and accessories) - Automotive/Industrial (non-corroding common material, food and chemical plants) - Aerospace/Turbine industry (entry-level material for Laser Sintering Technology, mounting parts, brackets, heat exchangers). Parts built from StainlessSteel 316L can be machined, shot-peened and polished in as-built or stress relieved (AMS2759) states if required. Solution annealing is not necessary because the mechanical properties of as-built state are showing desired values (ASTM A403). Parts are not ideal in temperature range 427°C-816°C where precipitation of chromium carbides occurs.

Mechanical Properties Test Method As Built Heat Treated
Tensile strength ISO 6892-1:2009(B) Annex D 587 ± 26 MPa 529 ± 8 MPa
Yield Strength (Rp 0.2%) ISO 6892-1:2009(B) Annex D 464 ± 26 MPa 330 ± 8 MPa
Elongation at Break ISO 6892-1:2009(B) Annex D Approx. 40 ± 5% Approx. 63 ± 5%
Young’s Modulus - 167 ± 26 GPa 200 GPa
Hardness DIN EN ISO 6508-1 20 HRC 20 HRC
Thermal Properties Test Method As Built Heat Treated
Thermal conductivity ASTM E1461-13 15 ± 2 W/m°C 15 ± 2 W/m°C
Chemical Composition and Physical Properties    
Chemical composition Fe
17 - 19%
13 - 15%
2,25 - 3%
≤ 0,03%
≤ 2%
≤ 0,5%
≤ 0,025%
≤ 0,01%
≤ 0,75%
≤ 0,1%
Physical Properties Relative density Approx. 99,99 %
  Density 7,90 g/cm3
Heat Treatment Temperature Time Atmosphere
Stress Relief RT - 550°C 3h Inert
  550°C 6h Inert
  550°C - RT - Inert