MECSPE 2018, a look at the future of the industry

Like every year, participating in MECSPE is like diving into what will be the future and touching the innovations that the best Italian minds have been able to develop to make them concretely marketable.


MECSPE has set new records of attendance and exhibiting: over 50,000 people have cut out at least half a day to be completely enveloped by the innovations of over 2200 exhibitors ready to describe the future.

Our observatory is from Pavilion 6, a pavilion historically dedicated to plastic subcontracting but which this year saw the imposition of the additive world.

The additive manufacturing sector is certainly younger than the consolidated universe of machine tools or logistics. Its exhibitors are less expert than those who for years have been populating unquestionably important pavilions.

What we have noticed is a decisive acceleration towards maturation.
The most famous brands have expanded their exhibition space and the many professionals, with whom we have spoken, have stopped asking ourselves what it means to print in 3D, asking us, however, certainties on PROCESSES, RAW MATERIALS and FUNCTIONAL CHARACTERISTICS.

People no longer stop to satisfy a curiosity: they stop to have GUARANTEES of what a FACTORY COMPLETELY DEDICATED TO ADDITIVE PRODUCTION can offer to the market.