Zare Medical Division, a department dedicated to medical and dental prototyping

Within the department completely dedicated to the creation of prototypes for dental and medical use we can provide for the realization of a wide range of customized, biocompatible and certified models for medical use.

Medical Division

Our history is strongly linked to the processing of metals. In the selection of additive manufacturing technologies we feel a strong affinity to the sintering of metals.
We have expanded the machine fleet with a laser fusion system for metal powders introducing a Mlab Cusing R Concept Laser. The machine is ideal for the construction of components with a very complex and elaborate structure, ensuring a high quality finish for small details. The medical sector and the dental sector sector represent the ideal use destination; especially if the material is the Dentaurum Cobalt Chrome Remanium Star CL.

  • Very short production times;
  • Extreme customization;
  • Certification for medical use.

Within the department the machine park is also made up of the plants traditionally most used in rapid medical prototyping and rapid dental prototyping. They are those that allow the use of Polyjet technology.

Objet technology is traditionally linked to this kind of production and allows to reproduce every anatomic detail of the patient. Rapid medical prototyping is an efficient tool to provide clinicians with information on the clinical case needed to better plan the intervention.

The rapid dental prototyping processes can compose very precise models suitable for the thermoforming of invisible aligners.
Through the use of other technologies it is possible to create whole models that can be used for special case studies such as the TWEED plinth models.

We can supply skeletonized sintered lasers and multi-element bridges in Chromium-Cobalt (Dentaurum Remanium Star), ceramizable denture prosthetics and skeletal resin in calcinable resin. We can produce models obtained from intraoral scanners with removable abutments. We perform custom-made models tailored to any requirement of the study.

At the service of the doctor

A 3D reconstruction of the study can be obtained starting from a computerized tomography or a magnetic resonance imaging performed on the patient. The virtual model is defined directly with the customer by sending free previews.
The generation uses objet technology to generate the physical piece capable of faithfully reproducing every patient's anatomical detail.

  • pre-surgical planning;
  • reduction of operating room intervention times;
  • personalization of surgical devices before surgery;
  • better communication between doctors and patient physicians;
  • speed in making prostheses

Rapid medical prototyping is an efficient tool to provide clinicians with information on the clinical case needed to better plan the intervention; the materials used are certified for medical use and are completely sterilizable.
The use of completely transparent materials combined with the co-molding of a contrasting material allows to highlight nerves, bone structures and cavities.