Additive technology with Hp Jet Fusion - A day dedicated to additive manufacturing

On Thursday, July 19, the workshop dedicated to additive production with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology took place in one of the Zare production sites. The event was organized in collaboration with Selltek and HP.

The event registered more than eighty participants, representatives of companies interested in using an additive production system applied to an industrial context. Among the welcome guests of the workshop we mention the guys from the team of Moto Student of the University of Bologna and the pilot Gabriele Torelli who with their competition equipment have embellished a day made exciting by the interest shown by those present for the topics covered.

Zare ospita il workshop dedicato ad HP Jet Fusion

The workshop of 19 July

The event was introduced by Andrea Pasquali, General Manager of Zare, and Damiano Vescovo, CEO of Selltek, who thanked the audience and presented the activities carried out by the respective companies.

Eleonora Giacometti and Stefania Minnella, respectively HP Channel Manager Italy and HP Application Engineering spoke about HP in the manufacturing sector. The first speech was focused on the positioning of HP in the additive industrial manufacturing sector. In recent years, through an important network of customers and resellers, HP has made its way into the European market, presenting innovative solutions that go beyond rapid prototyping to come directly to the production of final components. Speed of realization and reduced costs are the keywords to understand the market strategy of HP that is in competition with traditional production technologies.

Dr. Stefania Minnella focused on the more technical aspects related to the characteristics of HP production technology. Restricted production times resulting from a high production speed have ensured companies to increase process complexity, in other words: more activities in less time. If these objectives can be achieved, it is also thanks to the material that is used by HP printers, PA 12 powder, a thermoplastic that makes it possible to produce elements for prototypal purposes and definitive components.

Zare's Sales Manager, Giuseppe Pisciuneri, concluded the conference and focused on the presentation of the company that for almost ten years has dedicated itself to additive industrial manufacturing, technologies and materials that have made Zare the Additive Manufacturing Production Factory.

I partecipanti al workshop visitano Zare, la Fabbrica dedicata alla produzione additiva

The visit to the factory, which represented the worthy conclusion of the workshop, constitutes each time an essential focus that allows visitors to touch and see with their own eyes what it means to build a production system entirely based on additive manufacturing. If this moment is a great source of pride for us, we are also proud of the enthusiasm and interest shown by those present who have intervened at the end of the meeting.

HP’s thirs Multi Jet Fusion is on its way

On July 19, Zare purchased the third HP printer: the 3D Jet Fusion 4200, a machine consisting of three main parts (Printer, Processing Station and Removable Build Unit) that uses PA12 Nylon as print material.

Il sistema Hp Multi Jet Fusion in funzione presso Zare

The purchase of the printer and the consequent enlargement of the machine park respond to a fundamental need for our company: try to be more and more productive. The 3D Jet Fusion 4200, which will be installed in the coming days, will allow the production of a greater number of pieces of the same batch at the same time, bringing industrial additive manufacturing closer to the mass production model. Finally, owning a third plant for the production of HP 3D will allow faster delivery and, at the same time, to quickly remedy any production crashes.