The new ProX 6100 enriches the SLS department of Zare

The additive manufacturing sector is constantly evolving and the challenges and complexity of the components commissioned by the most demanding sectors increase. Being able to cope with the situation is an imperative for those who want to be part of the world of additive production, it is not enough to know how to adapt to innovations but we must also be promoters of change.

These are the reasons that push us to a constant attempt to improve the Factory. Day after day we are committed to acquiring important certifications of production processes, investing in an internal research and development center and in a significant expansion of the machine park.

ProX SLS 6100 di 3D Systems

ProX SLS 6100: the ideal choice for precision, quality and accuracy

Presented in November 2017, the ProX SLS 6100 is the flagship of the Selective Laser Sintering additive production developed by 3D Systems.

Designed to meet the demand in the manufacturing sector of prototypes in functional polymers and parts with reduced volume, the ProX SLS 6100 is also ideal for producing large components thanks to a build envelope of 381 X 330 X 460 mm.

Tests have shown that the ProX SLS 6100 is a reliable and performing machine whose products are not only flexible and resistant, but the quality of the print is such that no post-processing is required. These characteristics are also guaranteed by the range of materials used, synthetic fibers belonging to the polyamide family, which allow the SLS system to be opened to demanding sectors such as the automotive sector, which can take advantage of high quality and low impact prototypes and end parts on costs.

Precision, quality and performance are the key words to understand the innovation promised by ProX SLS 6100, concepts with which Zare faces every day and the installation of this printer represents another important step towards the improvement of production processes.

Zare & 3DZ: a lucky marriage that opens the doors to 3D Systems in Italy

We saw for the first time the ProX SLS 6100 at FormNext 2017, the trade fair dedicated to additive manufacturing in Frankfurt, where it was exhibited at the 3D Systems booth.

ProX SLS 6100 di 3D Systems

We liked the quality of the parts we saw at FormNext in November and had been evaluating the system ever since. We chose the ProX SLS 6100 3D Printer because its speed, part quality and powder handling process are truly revolutionary in 3D printing. We are in a very competitive business and are averaging a two to three day turnaround for parts and products. The ProX SLS 6100 will ensure that we maintain this customer commitment while delivering the highest quality parts to our customers.”
-Andrea Pasquali, General Manager of Zare-

A key player for the acquisition of the machine was 3DZ, channel partner of 3D Systems who guided us in the choice and the installation of the machine. Together with 3DZ we share this important milestone: the arrival of the FIRST ProX SLS 6100 in Italy, at Zare. For greater exhaustiveness we quote the words of Ivan Zannol, Country Manager of 3DZ Italia.

"I am pleased to join 3D Systems in communicating the first ProX SLS 6100 installed in Italy. The ProX SLS 6100 is a perfect solution for businesses like Zare that need to produce highly accurate parts with excellent surface finish that can withstand the rigors of daily use. This installation at Zare, one of the largest 3D printing service bureaus in Italy, should pave the way for other Italian businesses to begin enjoying the advantages of 3D Systems' SLS 3D printing solutions."

ProX SLS 6100 di 3D Systems