New spaces for the additive manufacturing production Factory

The additive manufacturing sector is constantly evolving. The challenges and the complexity of the components commissioned by the most demanding sector are increasing and the technology is constantly developing, both for the plants and for the experiments related to raw materials. Being able to cope with the situation is an imperative for those who want to be part of the world of additive production, it is not enough to know how to adapt to innovations but we must also be promoters of change.

There are many initiatives that allow us to maintain a prominent position in the industrial 3D printing scene, but, undoubtedly, renewing and expanding the machinery park is a primary requirement to satisfy our customers.

A new production area for Zare, the Additive Manufacturing Production Factory

A new production area

During 2018 Zare recorded significant arrivals such as the introduction of a new SLM 500, ideal for the production of critical components and definitive parts, or the ProX SLS 6100, the first installed in Italy. It was necessary to set up a new, large, completely renewed production area to find adequate space for the new generation of machine tools.

During the month of July, we proceeded to transfer the first part of the FDM department, 3 Fortus 900mc systems capable of producing monolithic elements in FDM technology of almost 1m per side. There will soon be other, significant changes, each made indispensable by the constant desire for renewal that drives our company.