Think in additive with HP Multi Jet Fusion - the Open House

On Thursday December 6th, Zare hosted a free event entitled “Designing for Additive Manufacturing”, organized by our company in collaboration with HP, Selltek and Weisoft. The event will be repeated on January 17, 2019.

06 dicembre 2018, Open House nella Sala Corsi di Zare

Through the Open House, the companies involved were able to tell the participants about the innovation introduced in the additive manufacturing sector by the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology, trying to analyze in detail the application areas in which its use guarantees greater benefits to the manufacturing industry.

The event was introduced by Andrea Pasquali, General Manager of Zare, who focused on the importance that the three HP plants cover within the company, restricting the time of realization and, consequently, increasing productivity.

Damiano Vescovo, CEO of Selltek, winner of the “Best Selling Partner” award thanks to the activity carried out in the sale of HP Multi Jet Fusion, focused on the cognitive revolution introduced by Multi Jet Fusion, which has cut costs and accelerated beyond expectations the printing process.

Once the initial resistance by companies to rethink the production of a component is overcome, it is possible to benefit from a freedom of design that positively impacts all aspects of the production cycle: costs, quality, manufacturing times and, above all, the performance of the object in question.

06 dicembre 2018, Open House nella Sala Corsi di Zare

All these aspects have been deepened by Stefania Minnella, HP Application Engineering, who told the audience some cases of explanatory study of how the design freedom promised by AM can be translated into functional components, quick to realize and cheap compared to the equivalents realized with traditional technologies.

The freedom of shapes was the focus of the speech by Riccardo Bianco, CEO of Weisoft, a company that deals with consulting and IT solutions. Topological optimization is a numerical technique that allows you to synthesize the shape of a mechanical component from a given volume. Drawing a component, using this support, guarantees the designer an efficient, innovative result from the point of view of shapes and as light as possible.

At the end of the training, the Sales Manager of Zare, Giuseppe Pisciuneri, told the story of our Factory and, above all, accompanied the participants on a guided tour of the Factory to see the HP Multi Jet Fusion printers in operation.

06 dicembre 2018, Open House nella Sala Corsi di Zare

For those interested in learning about the production process of HP and dealing with a group of additive and design professionals, it is still possible to take part in the event as the Open House will be replicated on Thursday 17th January at our headquarters.