Designing for Additive Manufacturing: an Open House to discover HP Jet Fusion

On Thursday 17 January, from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm, Zare will host a free Open House to speak about the benefits of Additive Manufacturing with HP Jet Fusion technology. The event, organized in collaboration with HP, Selltek and Weisoft, has already been proposed on Thursday 6 December.

17 gennaio 2019, Open House nella Sala Corsi di Zare

Since its introduction on the market, the HP 3D division has generated a rethinking of the possibilities offered by 3D printing, raising the speed of realization thanks to innovative technological solutions. Jet Fusion is the ideal answer for those who need small series productions that fit into low-critical application areas.

Understanding the innovative capacity of HP 3D printers, Zare immediately decided to adopt the Multi Jet Fusion technology, reaching the installation of three plants. The reasons for this investment are the following: to be more and more productive, to speed up delivery times and to quickly remedy any production crashes, thus bringing additive manufacturing closer to the mass production model.

06 dicembre 2018, Open House nella Sala Corsi di Zare

During the Open House on December 6th, the speakers analyzed in detail the application areas in which HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology guarantees greater benefits to the manufacturing industry. Once the initial resistance by companies to rethink the production of a component is overcome, it is possible to benefit from a freedom of design that positively impacts all aspects of the production cycle: costs, quality, manufacturing times and, above all, the performance of the object in question. During the event the concept of topological optimization will be explored too thanks to Weisoft, a company that deals with IT solutions.

Here is the Open House program:

  • 9.30: Registration of the participants;
  • 10.00: Introduction – “Design for additive with HP 3D technology” | Andrea Pasquali, General Manager of Zare and Damiano Vescovo, CEO of Selltek and Prototek;
  • 11.00: "Topological optimization" | Riccardo Bianco, CEO of Weisoft;
  • 11.30: HP Jet Fusion 3D technology presentation - "Case studies" | Stefania Minnella, HP Application Engineering;
  • 12.00: "The production process with 3D HP" | Giuseppe Pisciuneri, Sales Manager of Zare;
  • 12.30: Visit to the spaces of the Additive Manufacturing Production Factory.