Precision mechanical machining

Precision CNC machining allows to obtain complex shapes and high-quality standards to be achieved in terms of surface tolerances and surface roughness. ZARE invests its know-how in the mechanics for the manufacturing of the most critical components.

The mechanical processes carried out through numerical control machines involve numerous product sectors and are particularly to produce small series that require compliance with quality standards and precision in the result.

This is a production method that is not entirely comparable to traditional subtractive techniques as it allows complex shapes to be obtained and high standards to be reached in terms of surface tolerances and roughness, which cannot be achieved with other manufacturing processes.

Precision CNC machiningis perfectly suited to the complexity required by critical sectors, allowing products with complex geometries to be obtained with reduced production times.

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Precision mechanics for critical sectors

Whether the process starts from traditional subtractive techniques using 5-axis CNC systems, or the innovation promised by Additive Manufacturing is preferred, ZARE precision machine workshop comes into play to offer mechanical quality, high performance and dynamism.

In other words, the mechanical processing systems in the ZARE machine fleet have been introduced to meet the needs of the critical sectors, such as the motorsport or aerospace, and the increasingly complex demands that we are called to face day after day.

Making use of advanced systems and specific software guarantees the customer a fast time to market and the shortest and simplest supply chain possible. Having just one contact person guarantees a CONFIDENTIAL result.

5 axis CNC

The complexities of mechanical processing for third parties

The goal remains to offer industrial production methods that can guarantee design freedom, rapid manufacturing and production flexibility. The machining operations allowed by CNC machines allow the creation of effective products, manufactured more efficiently and more quickly.

To achieve this goal, it is essential to use specialised personnel who can provide a deep knowledge of the systems, production strategies and materials.

The modern operator combines talent, experience and use of software with continuous theoretical and practice training: this is the mix that allows to correctly, effectively and efficiently interpret the typical requests of a third-party processing.