Precision mechanical workshop for over 50 years

ZARE combines the know-how in the precision mechanics sector with the attention to enabling technologies and innovation to make available a new precision mechanics workshop entirely dedicated to 5-Axis CNC, machining, in order to collaborate with the more critical sectors such as Aerospace, Oil&Gas, Defence, Motorsport and Aviation.

Latest generation machinery and specific software are necessary aids for highly critical processes and guarantee maximum precision and speed. Together, these elements allow us to satisfy the demand for components and products with complex designs.

Specialised staff dedicated to mechanical processing

The department combines a pioneering past with ana industrial production philosophy suitable for facing the flexibility challenges necessary to fit into the modern competitive context.

Within the department, the human factor plays the decisive element by inserting specific skills to guarantee the expected result in terms of quality, productivity and relative affordability.

The growth of ZARE is based on a deep knowledge of materials and the use of cutting-edge technologies: an incessant research supported by the investment in systems, equipment and personnel.

CNC 5 assi

Lean Production: a lean approach to CNC precision machining

ZARE tends to reduce the total number of operations performed in the precision machining department to focus on maximum flexibility in order to identify a set of actions that can lead to the creation of the finished product respecting the customer’s point of view.

The relationship, in continuous refinement, starts from a consultative approach to the choice of the material up to the foresight that could, on large lots, create transversal improvement conditions.

Metrology, quality control and testing

Working in precision means being able to immediately perform tests and metrological checks to verify compliance with the dimensions, tolerances and roughness required in the project of the designer.

The rigorous quality control̀and the eventual testing are the elements that close the order in a short time, offering a measurable result as a synthesis of a productive process that finds in the short chain the way to maintain the maximum privacy of the industrial secret.

Metrology, quality control and testing