The IAAD Product Design students visiting the Additive Factory

In the past few days we received a visit from the students of the IAAD Product Design course, the Institute of Applied Arts and Design, in Bologna.

IAAD in visita alla Fabbrica Additiva

The IAAD is a very important center of high-level training in design and aims to create new professional skills that can contribute concretely to the well-being of the community with the collaboration of companies and teachers of great experience; professionalism able to plan in a conscious way, evaluating not only form and function, but also cultural significance and social value of the project.

In particular, our Additive Factory had the pleasure of hosting the first year students of the degree in Product Design, a course that deals with the relationship between man and matter, looking for innovative forms and functions: from high-tech to fashion, from accessory to the appliance, from the luxury object to that of daily use. The students were accompanied by Christoph Nussbaumer, professor of Basic Design. Christoph Nussbaumer has worked for major international design agencies from Salzburg, Milan, Boston, and then settled in Italy where, in addition to teaching, he heads a team of engineers and designers with over 100 international awards.

la Fabbrica Zare incontra i product designer

Led by Andrea Pasquali, General Manager of Zare, the students visiting the Additive Factory were able to know and touch the advantages and possibilities offered by the Industrial Additive Manufacturing: techniques, technologies and processes in continuous evolution that have represented and still represent a real revolution in the industrial field.

Zare's Additive Factory has a very wide range of machines and materials and the students have had the opportunity to deal with those who, every day, take care of the machine setup and production not only of prototypes, but also of small series definitive, always with the high quality required by industrial production.

The advantages of industrial 3D printing for the Product Designer

In the field of Product Design, with the additive manufacturing it is possible to appreciate unique advantages such as the formal freedom that allows to obtain unique shapes and geometries and the possibility to search for high performances without the limitations of traditional production.

For the designer of the future, getting to know the technologies of industrial 3D printing in the first place means greater freedom of design, at the same time allowing to focus on the critical aspects of production both in terms of technology and in terms of cost-effectiveness: understanding the functioning of additive technologies makes it possible to create innovative projects that are sustainable from an economic point of view, thanks to prototype production. At the same time, Additive Manufacturing of industrial quality lends itself to the production of small series of finished products of the highest quality and with unique properties and characteristics.

la Fabbrica Zare incontra i product designer

Moreover, the industrial 3D printing guarantees the replicability of the processes and offers exclusive materials with very high performances or with particular characteristics (for example biocompatibility and resistance to UV rays) which are typical of the industry, but which can be put at the service of the creativity of the Product Designer.
A complete industrial service like Zare also offers very precise and refined finishing services
that can be important for Product Designers, for example we think about wrapping, metallization, or the possibility to paint finished objects or prototypes based on exact colors and RAL colors. reference.

The future promises an ever closer link between Additive Manufacturing and Product Design, Zare's Additive Factory will continue to innovate, experiment, create processes and equip itself with all the latest technology to be ready for the next challenge that may come from its Product Designer we have been happy to host.