Scalmalloy®: An exceptional aluminium alloy is now available

Scalmalloy® is now available. Zare is the first service in Italy where you can you produce your metal end parts using this powder produced and distributed by APWorks of the Airbus group. This material combines the extreme lightness of sintered aluminium with almost the specific strength of titanium, thus guaranteeing top performances.

Scalmalloy® a tua dispozione presso ZARE

The sector of choice is aerospace. Industrial designers who need definite results will find certainties in Scalmalloy®

Producers of prototypes and end parts made of metal using the DMLS / SLM technology all use aluminium alloy because of its lightness and because most machines have already their hopper loaded with it.

The problem with aluminium is that it tends to have a low resistance rating, which means it is not the best material for critical applications. Scalmalloy® is the perfect alloy when:

  • Safety is a critical issue
  • The end piece demands extreme lightness
  • your project requiresthe tensile strenght typical of titanium

For this kind of requisites, Scalmalloy® is the best ally for industrial designers, because it guarantees results without compromising anything. Designers can concentrate on obtaining greater advantages by exploiting the modelling possibilities offered by additive manufacturing to the full, while the quality of the material and the capable hands of those who set up the machine ensure a flawless production.

Colori Produzione Gestione Polveri

Printing metal is not just sending a file to the machine

Where we really make a difference is in the number of industrial plants dedicated to sintering metal - 7 of which one X-Line 2000R with a working chamber of 800x400x500mm - and in testing, where those in charge of the DMLS / SLM department work daily with their operators to constantly fine-tune the machine parameters.

We are experts in technology and materials for additive manufacturing and industrial partners for companies looking for:

  • Perfect process replicability
  • Definite tolerancesfor exact mechanical couplings
  • Roughness suitable for the functional needs of the piece

The aeronautics and aerospace industries, with which we work day-in-day-out, require all of these features before they even start, even if it is just to assess a feasible business relationship.
Offering you the same commitment is a natural consequence of standardizing the productive method of our factory.