A second HP Multi Jet Fusion to support the extensive amount of work at the Factory

A few months after installing the first machine we have already added a second HP to increase the production capacity and, above all, to guarantee an even greater reliability.

HP Multi jet Fusion

Installing a second unit of a printer you already have available is often the consequence of the need to increase the production volume, but for a factory like ours this is not the only factor that has to be taken into consideration.

The new HP Multi Jet Fusion technology was introduced only a few months ago and it proved itself as an innovative, cutting-edge solution in terms of 3D printing speed.

When we decided to install a second HP printer in our Additive Factory, the first factor we considered was reliability. Like any machine, 3D printers may require scheduled or unscheduled maintenance; also, human errors happen and must be taken into consideration.

Having two units of the same machine allows us to tackle all contingencies quickly and effectively; therefore, we can count on the standardized procedures we defined for our Factory for every single aspect of the production, even in unforeseen circumstances.