Metal Sintering DMLS/SLM
Technology that allows to realize directly metal prototypes, ready to be tested or used as definitive parts. Available metals include Titanium (Ti64 grade 5), CobaltChrome (Cobalt-Chrome F75, Remanium Star CL), Aluminium (AlSi10Mg), StainlessSteel 17-4 and StainlessSteel AISI316L. [ details ]
Laser Sintering SLS Technology
SLS allows the production of models with high performance materials such as AlluSinter (nylon filled with aluminium), CarbonSinter (nylon filled with carbon fibers), WhiteSinter (standard polyamide) and the rubber-like FlexSinter. [ details ]
FDM Technology produces functional models in the end-use chosen plastic material: the possibility to create large monolithic models using materials with exceptional mechanical properties is a great advantage in prototyping terms. [ details ]
HP Multi Jet Fusion
HP Multi Jet Fusion Additive Manufacturing technology allows you to optimize printing times. The plant is perfect for the realization of small series production of functional elements in a very short time. [ details ]
PolyJet (Objet)
This technology allows to create models in various plastic materials and rubbers of different hardness. 16-32μm layers allow a nearly absolute precision (±0,1mm) with a very high surface quality. [ details ]
Stereolithography SLA
This technology uses epoxy resins that allow the production of extremely detailed models even with perfectly transparent resins. A particularly interesting material is Accura® Xtreme: thanks to its elasticity it’s suitable for functional prototypes and mechanical tests. [ details ]
CNC mechanical machining
Time is proving that additive and subtractive are not in competition but, on the contrary, represent two highly compatible and complementary production visions, capable of helping to satisfy the demand for light components and products and increasingly complex geometries. [ details ]
Vacuum Casting
After having made a specimen using SLA Stereolithography or with the Polyjet technology, from it we obtain a silicone mold that can be used to replicate the specific part several times, with the possibility of using various definitive materials, such as elastomers and transparent resins. [ details ]