Additive manufacturing and FDM technology: rapid industrial prototyping for large dimensions

FDM technology is perfect for extreme sectors, has high performance materials that can replace metals and offers the possibility of performing invisible assemblies. The FDM technology, pushed to the limit, allows you great results not only in size.

Un reparto dedicato all'FDM con finalità industriale

High strength and lightness even in large models

“ULTEM 9085 has great strength properties over a wide temperature range. We have done testing to show that it is very capable of withstanding temperatures from cryogenic all the way up to extreme heat. And it’s tough enough to handle the vibration and stress of lift off and flight. We’re very satisfied with its performance,” explained Greg Arend, Additive Manufacturing Program Manager of United Launch Alliance ( )

The materials of the ULTEM range (Ultem 9085 and Ultem 1010) have been developed with specific use in extreme sectors such as aerospace, automotive and military applications and can replace metal parts and components in various fields and without degradation of performance.

The layer-by-layer FDM technology extracts a plastic nozzle from a heated nozzle: the modeling possibilities are endless.

FDM: Grandi dimensioni, qualità superficiale superiore

Definitive pieces of large dimensions, modeling finishes

Small plastic models can also be made by artisanal 3D printing laboratories, what is the difference between the Industrial Additive Manufacturing service we provide?

  • Large monolitic pieces (three implants with a working chamber of 914.4. x 609.6 x 914.4 mm);
  • Pattern maker for assembly services and perfect finishing to create even more generous models;
  • Tolerances and surface quality not reachable by artisanal 3D printers.

Are you sure your next model cannot be made of plastic?

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