A F1 nose? The style exercise signed by ZARE

We have created a demonstration model, taking the front aerodynamic components of a racing single-seater as elements of study. It took almost seven days overall, distributed among our three Fortus 900mc, to make the different pieces that were joined and worked by the modellers in the finishing department.


A multi-material and multi-technological model

The central part is made of black painted ASA Ivory, while the aerodynamic elements, modeled with a honeycomb structure, are built in red ASA. Our logo has been added as a decorative element by starting a production using Sintered aluminum DMLS / SLM technology.

The layer-by-layer FDM technology extrudes the plastic material from a heated nozzle: the modeling possibilities thus become infinite.

The ZARE FDM technology department provides the designer with 3 Fortus 900mc systems each with a working chamber of almost 1m3 volume. The systems can operate simultaneously on different elements of the model in order to reduce the time that passes from sending the file to the delivery of the finished part.

FDM: Grandi dimensioni, un musetto da F1

Reduce the Time to Market by exploiting the multi-material Additive Manufacturing

Large working chambers certainly means having the possibility of making large monolithic pieces. There is also a further aspect concerning both the size and the number of plants: reducing the Time to Market.

We can optimize the geometry and load different materials on identical machines in order to produce different variations of the same product using different materials, all this in very short time.

How much can it be worth to be on the market long before your competitor?

A similar consideration can be considered to test multiple technologies at the same time.

  • - Is metal necessary or is plastic production better?
  • - Will the carbon loaded stand up to the stress test?

You can take advantage of our experience in technologies and materials to dramatically reduce the number of tests required.
The machine park that we can make available to you will allow you toperform any test that you will consider essential
The result?
Less downtime and more ground between you and your competitors.