Unibo Motorsport presents the electric bike for the 2018 season

Zare makes available its knowledge and experience in the additive manufacturing sector to Unibo Motorsport students, contributing to the realization of the first electric bike entirely designed by the Alma Mater students.

Presentazione della moto elettrica ideata dagli studenti di Unibo Motorsport

Monday 4 June Unibo Motorsport, the Team Racing of the University of Bologna, presented the new prototype of electric motorcycles that will debut this fall in the Aragon circuit thanks to the new Moto Student team.

The event took place in the historic municipal library of the Archiginnasio in the presence of academic authorities, politicians and all the sponsors and supporters who decided to invest in the team of students who conceived and designed the bike.

It is a vehicle with reduced environmental impact, a step towards the future and towards increasingly sustainable and revolutionary driving systems, as pointed out by Professor Nicolò Cavina, faculty ambassador of the project.

Always attentive to the above-mentioned issues and eager to be an active part in tomorrow's innovation, Zare is proud to have participated in the initiative, providing its experience in the production of structural components through the most advanced additive manufacturing technologies.

On the one hand, therefore, a project that aims at sustainability and technological development, on the other a constant commitment, as highlighted by the Rector Francesco Ubertini, to enhance the synergy between the university world and the working world, another objective shared by our company, aware of the need to reinforce the link between these two realities.