A year of ADDITIVE INTEGRATION, a new video, a COMPLETE production method

A new video dedicated to Additive Integration: the way to fully capitalize on the potentialities of a revolutionary production method.

We started talking about ADDITIVE INTEGRATION a little over one year ago.
In that time, we put into operation our first Mikron 5-axis CNC machining center and started a new production plant, which is complementary to the AM Production Factory.
We define the new unit as complementary because mechanical machining is an essential part of the additive manufacturing process aiming at the production of functional parts.

Working side by side with the specialized technicians who joined ZARE when the new department was launched, we had to take into consideration diverging concepts, but most of all, we saw a common ground.

Sharing the same perspective, over the next few weeks we started considering how mechanical machining is obviously a later stage in the additive manufacturing process, but, in the same way, it is closely linked to the engineering stage and to the preparation process of the production lot.

Producing an element via additive manufacturing means carefully considering and planning, from the very beginning, all of the necessary stages.
It means having a comprehensive way of thinking or better yet, an INTEGRATED way of thinking.

After one year of incessant work, ADDITIVE INTEGRATION has become increasingly important for ZARE’s production method, playing a pivotal role in formalizing and improving each process.
Every modification to the manufacturing method must answer this question: how will the variation impact the earlier and later stages?

It’s a banal question, but an INDUSTRIAL and REPRODUCIBLE answer can only be obtained with a solid and specialized field experience.

ADDITIVE INTEGRATION is how you fully capitalize on the potentialities of a revolutionary production method.