2018: from the idea that takes shape to the integration with the real industrial production

In 2018 the possibilities of the additive became clear. The AM, out of its ideal niche, enters the complex chain of real industrial production.

During the past year, we have traveled a lot, even outside the national borders, to understand and take note of what is happening in our sector.
Who deals with additive, from designers to plant builders through more or less structured services, has confirmed an increasingly clear distinction among what is study and ideation, what is prototyping or pre-series and, finally, what is necessary for a real critical additive production.

The reason for this division is that additive has become synonymous with “opportunity within a technological tool”. An instrument is such when it is functional to a purpose and becomes revolutionary when it ceases to be the backbone of communication and is a part of a wider context already clear, tested and shared.
The additive is no longer the only protagonist of a new and small independent market, more or less ideal, but has matured to become a production tool, inserted in the complex real industrial world.

Buone Feste

These considerations have led us to retrace some significant moments of the year and we realized that, more or less consciously, our activity has also developed in this direction.

To grow a company that operates in a cutting-edge sector must constantly upgrade its machine park. Five were the additive industrial plants purchased in 2018, including the first Italian SLM 500 4 laser, which further increases the department dedicated to metal 3D printing.

The most significant investment has been in the direction of embracing the real production needs of our customers focusing on additive experience. In recent weeks, we are launching a new, large production facility in which the research and development center, the metrology room and two GF centers Mikron MILL P500 U with Fanuc robotized island will be located.


On this last point we concentrated our efforts during the autumn in order to introduce the concept of Additive IntegrationTM and to demonstrate that 3D printing and CNC machines are not at all incompatible but two complementary working methods. Starting from the perfect mechanical recovery we can put additive production at the center of a UNIQUE, SEQUENTIAL, FAST and SECRET process.

Dedicating completely to additive manufacturing with the organization and discipline of a Factory is more complex every day. First-class equipment, process certifications and qualified and specialized personnel are essential. Only by raising our quality standards we can keep up with an effervescent and innovative sector such as additive manufacturing.