A great success for the MotoStudent Team of the University of Bologna

In these months Zare collaborated with the students of the University of Bologna for the construction of a swingarm in SLM that was implemented on the prototype of the electric motorbike that participated in the MotoStudent Competition in October 2018.

Il prototipo di moto elettrica sviluppato dagli studenti dell'Università di Bologna

At the beginning of June, we announced the presentation of the 100% electric propulsion racing bike made by the kids of the MotoStudent division of the Racing Team of the University of Bologna in collaboration with major companies including Zare.

The vehicle made its debut at the MotoStudent Competition, an initiative promoted by Moto Engineering Foundation and TechnoPark MotorLand, during which university teams from all over the globe come together and compete to decree the best prototype. The aim of the race is not only to reward the motorcycle and the fastest rider, but above all to evaluate the work of the students who, for the duration of the project, acted as if they were part of a real company.

At the end of the competition, which lasted from 3rd to 7th October, the team of the Alma Mater of Bologna returned to Italy embellished with important trophies and awards crowning the efforts made in a project that lasted almost two years.

The participation of the MotoStudent Team from Bologna ends with a third place in the general classification and the BEST ROOKIE award.

Il MotoStudent Team di Bologna sul podio

A swingarm in SLM seals the collaboration between Zare and the MotoStudent Team

In recent months ZARE has made available to the team its know-how and experience in additive manufacturing applied to motorsport for the realization of an ambitious project: the construction of a swingarm in Selective Laser Melting designed by the students to be implemented on the prototype.

During the summer, some members of the MotoStudent Team visited our Factory to watch the realization of the project and we took the opportunity to learn more about the innovativeness of their swingarm.

The swingarm is a fundamental component of a motorcycle because, by connecting the frame to the rear wheel, it is responsible for adhering the wheel to the ground on which the vehicle's performance depends.

The component was made in Alsi7Mg0.6, a material chosen by the students for balancing ductility and weight. The project was realized thanks to the Concept X Line 2000R, currently the largest plant in the world for the production of additive components, thanks to a working chamber of 800x400x500 mm, which uses two kilowatt lasers for powder melting.

Il forcellone progettato dagli studenti e realizzato in Zare

The choice to build a swingarm in SLM is absolutely innovative as the research carried out by the students showed and we asked them why they decided to rely on the additive and to take this path.

“The decision to make the swingarm in SLM is motivated by the possibility offered by the technology itself to exploit greater design freedom in order to create a piece that is both light and performing. Another factor that played a key role in our decision was topological optimization, a procedure that, starting from a defined volume, allows to obtain an excellent stiffness / weight ratio. "

During the visit, the youngsters had the opportunity not only to find out what it means for Zare to be a company based on additive production but they were able to deal with our General Manager, Andrea Pasquali, who has dispelled all their doubts about the treatments and to the processing required by the realization of their component.

We would like to thank Alessandro Neri (Marketing Division Manager), Alberto Tambini (Vehicle Division) and Vito Virgillito (Commercial Division) for the time we spent and for the enthusiasm shown during our visit to our Factory.