The machine park of ZARE

ZARE has a fleet of machines exclusively dedicated to industrial additive production, one of the largest in Europe. Being able to access different technologies and materials is an element of extreme importance for the designer of the new generation shapes: comparison and tests are the perfect way to give life to a new ideation.

Metal Sintering is the most innovative and advanced technology available today in Zare. Metal powders are melted by laser and the result is the metal model ready to be used as definitive element. Metal Additive Manufacturing allows to calculate the geometries of the product so to significantly reduce its weight without affecting its strength. The final product will have the same physical and mechanical properties obtained with a traditional manufacturing process, but the flexibility that characterizes our pre-production process offers important advantages, especially in fields such as aeronautics, motor sports, extreme sports and aerospace.
Our industrial 3D metal printing Factory is among the most varied and supplied of Italy. We can lean on:

  • 1 x Concept Laser X Line 2000R (800x400x500)
  • 5 x Concept M2 MultiLaser (250x250x280)
  • 2 x SLM Solution SLM280 TwinLaser (280x280x365)
  • 1 x SLM Solution SLM500 QuadLaser (500x280x365)
  • 1 x Renishaw AM250 (250x250x300)
  • 1 x Concept Laser M2 Cusing
  • 2 x Concept Laser MLab

The FDM technology extrudes the plastic material in a reel from a heated nozzle, thus guaranteeing infinite possibilities of modeling. We offer a wide range of materials characterized by different mechanical and thermal properties including fireproof and self-extinguishing materials and materials certified for extreme production sectors of the food industry. Even if the FDM technology is widely used in artisan contexts, the Industrial Additive Manufacturing service provided by Zare makes it possible to obtain large monolithic pieces, perfect finishing thanks to the work of our modelers. Our FDM printers also guarantee tolerances and surface quality not reachable by artisanal 3D printers.
In our Factory you can find:

  • 3 x Stratasys Fortus 900MC (914x610x914)

This technology allows to create models in various plastic materials and rubbers of different hardness. PolyJet printers are based on a process similar to inkjet printing, in this case liquid photopolymers are deposited on a tray, then solidify giving shape to the object. PolyJet offers many different possibilities like co-printing, and a wide range of materials including transparent materials and sterilizable bio-compatible materials. PolyJet 3D printing technology is particularly suitable for the production of models with very particularized details for coupling tests, dimensional checks and ergonomics tests.
Our PolyJet department includes:

  • 2 Stratasys Eden PolyJet (Objet)